New 6kW TruLaser 3030


New Trumpf TruLaser 3030 Fiber for Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications

In January 2022, specialist aerospace fabrication supplier Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications Limited commissioned a new 6kW TruLaser 3030 Fiber machine from Trumpf. The new 3m x 1.5m capacity flatbed laser cutting system was installed in Dynamic’s 45,000 ft2 facility in Castle Donington, near Derby.

Aerospace and Beyond

The new investment is part of a programme of expansion for the Castle Donington-based company which has been broadening its horizons since the global pandemic affected the aerospace market. “Aerospace is still our core competence and we see this investment enhancing our capability in this area too,” explains Managing Director Michael Blemmings, “but at this time we have to take the opportunity to expand into other market areas with demand for precision fabrication, such as the rail, renewables and medical sectors, which can take advantage of our expertise and experience.”

Laser Capabilities

The new laser machine augments Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications’ established 5 and 6-axis 3D laser profiling capabilities and significantly increases the factory’s capacity for 2D laser cutting. Dynamic is also equipped with a Prima Power Laserdyne 5-axis laser, and a 6-axis Trumpf Lasercell 1005, with over 10 years’ experience in 3D laser cutting, laser drilling and trimming pre-formed blanks manufactured from aerospace materials from titanium to Jethete.

Laser Cutting Performance

“Our Trumpf 3D Lasercell also has a single bed for flatbed cutting, making it a very versatile piece of equipment,” says Michael Blemmings, “but it isn’t optimised for 2D work. Our new TruLaser 3030 beats it on several fronts – with double the laser power, a second load/unload table, faster axes, an automatic nozzle changer and a TruDisk fiber source – meaning that its out-and-out performance is astonishing by comparison.”

Laser Cut Materials

As standard, the TruLaser 3030 is configured to cut mild steel, stainless, aluminium and copper, with oxygen and nitrogen as the cutting assist gasses. Dynamic has chosen to fit the optional argon assist gas capability meaning that crucially, for an aerospace facility, it can also cut titanium. With a 6kW Fiber source, the machine has a superb working range, making it competitive cutting up to 20mm mild steel plate, and perfect for the thinner sheet metals more typically handled by Dynamic.

Subcontract Laser Cutting

Now equipped with Trumpf’s high-performance laser machine, and with further machine purchased planned, Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications is well positioned to continue expanding its business in the aerospace sector and beyond.

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