3-Axis, 4-Axis, 5-Axis CNC Milling and Turning

Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications employs numerous CNC machining centres for precision finishing fabricated and machined components, and employs CNC, NC and manual surface and cylindrical grinding techniques for extra high tolerance work.

Precision Machined Fabrications

Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications specialises in the manufacture of welded fabrications with both machined and formed sheet metal sub components coming together.  These fabrications are then precision machined to meet exacting tolerances.  This technique supercedes the traditional manufacturing method that involves machining the entire component from solid metal, saving considerable machining time and raw material, without compromising the design requirements of the finished component.

Machine Highlights

A selection of some the 15 CNC machines used at Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications.

Highlight: Mazak Variaxis i-800T

The Mazak Variaxis i-800T offers 5-axis milling and turning in a single set up – perfect for many of the larger machined flanges manufactured at Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications.

  • Max workpiece diameter: 800mm
  • Max workpiece height: 500mm
  • Tool storage capacity: 80
  • Spindle speed: 10,000 rpm
  • Table speed: 800 rpm

Highlight: Doosan PUMA 4100M

The powerful PUMA 4100M lathe has a large working envelope of up to 560mm diameter along a 1010mm length, and is complete with the optional Y-axis for completing large complex components in a single setup, perfect for typical parts produced at Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications.

Highlight: Doosan PUMA VT900

Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications employs two PUMA VT900 vertical turning centres manufacturing flange rings up to 900mm in diameter.

  • Max diameter: 900mm
  • Max height:  850mm
  • Spindle speed:  1800rpm

Dynamic Aerospace and Defence Group

Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications Ltd. is part of the Dynamic Aerospace and Defence group.  The Dynamic Group is a privately-owned business with its main headquarters in Michigan, USA.  Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications Ltd joins Dynamic’s existing portfolio of companies based both in the mid-west US and in the UK, and having an established reputation, specialising in supplying precision metal components for the aerospace, defence, automotive and rail sectors.