Manufacturing Capabilities – Finishing and Inspection

Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications are specialists in cutting, manipulating, forming, joining, machining and assembling a wide range of metals ranging from titanium, stainless, Jethete and Nimonic superalloys.  The core capabilities of laser cutting, forming, machining and welding are backed up by a full range of complimentary capabilities.

Dye Penetrant Inspection

Quality Testing, Inspection and Measurement

  • NDT Weld Inspection: x-ray and dye penetrant inspection
  • CMM measurement inspection
  • Digital optical non-contact measuring
  • Roma Arm measurement

Finishing and Marking

Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications offer the following finishing and marking techniques:

  • Acid cleaning
  • Sand and aqua blasting
  • Degreasing
  • Polishing
  • Spray painting
  • Vibro marking
  • Chemical marking
  • Inject marking

Dynamic Aerospace and Defence Group

Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications Ltd. is part of the Dynamic Aerospace and Defence group.  The Dynamic Group is a privately-owned business with its main headquarters in Michigan, USA.  Dynamic Aerospace Fabrications Ltd joins Dynamic’s existing portfolio of companies based both in the mid-west US and in the UK, and having an established reputation, specialising in supplying precision metal components for the aerospace, defence, automotive and rail sectors.